Clear Cache Chrome Android Step by Step v60.0

Do you need to clear your mobile browser’s data? We will show you how to Clear Cache Chrome Android with pictures.

  1. Click the Chrome kebab button on the browser toolbar.
    clear cache chrome android step1
  2. Go to Settings.
    clear cache chrome android step2
  3. Select Privacy.
    clear cache chrome android step3
  4. Now, in the Privacy section, scroll down till Clear Browsing Data.
    clear cache chrome android step4
  5. To finally clear your Chrome’s Cache in Android, select the time range, check Cache images and files and hit the CLEAR DATA link.
    clear cache chrome android step5

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As you can see, now all the stored data is gone from the point you chose to delete. If you don’t want to repeat the process all the time you want to clear your Chrome’s Cache in Windows, you can open an incognito tab (check out the step 2 picture).

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