Clear Cache Safari Step by Step

This step guide will help you to Clear Cache Safari OSX and reset the browser to its default settings.

  1. Select System Preferences in your main menu navigation.
    clear cache safari osx step1
  2. When the preferences panel for Safari opens up, click on the Advanced tab and mark the Show Develop menu in Menu Bar checkbox in the bottom of the window.
    clear cache safari osx step2
  3. Close Preferences and now, the Develop menu will now be visible between Bookmarks and Window menus. Click on Empty Caches.
    clear cache safari osx step3

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As you can see, now all the stored data is gone from the point you chose to delete. If you don’t want to repeat the process all the time you want to clear your Safari’s Cache in OSX, open an incognito window pressing the keyboard combination: ⌘ + SHIFT + N.